Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kidnapping in Cameroon.... Leading Analysis

Cameroon: A family of seven French tourists was kidnapped at gunpoint near Waza National Park by Nigerian Islamic extremists. 

There hasn’t been a direct claim on the attack and consequently no ransom has yet been demanded. Therefore, the authorities have found it difficult to be sure that the abduction in Cameroon had a political dimension, linked to the threats made by Islamic extremist groups before the French intervention in Mali. Nevertheless, it is suspected that  Boko Haram is behind the abduction. 

Unity Analysis: Waza is in a remote part of Cameroon where the poorly secured borders are porous and criminal and terrorist groups are able to operate freely. This abduction has fuelled fears that Western civilians living and working in parts of Africa are becoming specific targets of Islamist militant groups. Altogether, 15 French citizens are now being held by various groups in the region, 7 in the Sahel and 1 in Nigeria. 6 of them by groups aligned with AQIM. Some 6,000 French citizens live in Cameroon. 

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